The Hai-O Arts & Culture Grants- 2019
Hai-O Enterprise Berhad was established in 1975 by a group of compatriots cherishing national independence, socialism and human rights. From the day of its inception, it has donated to education, even though with limited start-up capital. Throughout the progress of Hai-O Enterprise Berhad , it has been donating to and sponsoring needy and impoverished individuals and groups.

Hai-O Enterprise Berhad has been practising CSR, fulfilling the Groups' social objectives of promoting multi-ethnic unity and harmony, advocating inter-ethnic interaction and understanding through activities, arts and sports. Hai-O Enterprise Berhad acknowledges the significance of arts in the advancement of society, and has continuously supported the Sasaran Art Festival, theatre, poetry recitals, dance and cultural performances, performing arts centres, as well as national literary laureates.

The Hai-O Arts and Culture Grants is created under the patronage of Hai-O Foundation, to encourage and support Malaysian arts and culture with the view to promote participation by all ethnicities in Malaysia, celebrating the rich diversity in Malaysian arts. Social justice, multi-ethnic unity and harmony form the spirit of the Hai-O Arts and Culture Grants.

AArts that bring together a wide range of contrasting spheres, through inter-disciplinary, multicultural and experimental approaches, articulating Malaysian identity are welcome.

The amount for the Hai-O Arts & Culture Grants is RM 50,000.00 (Ringgit fifty thousand), to commence in November 2019. The fund will give out:

  1. RM 5,000.00 (Ringgit five thousand) for one Lifetime Achievement Award;

  2. Grants ranging from RM 4,000 (Ringgit four thousand) to RM 20,000 (Ringgit twenty thousand) for:
    1. Creating new work in music, dance, theatre, film and visual art
    2. Experimental productions
    3. Research and documentation
    4. Training
    5. Workshops
    6. Residencies
All arts practitioners in Malaysia are eligible to apply. Work sited in Malaysia will be given preference.

The selection panel for awarding the grants is a one-year appointment and shall comprise 5 renowned members from the arts industry.

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