Press Releases
Hai-O primed to soar again this year
Feb 02, 2016
Source : The Edge

KUALA LUMPUR: Hai-O’s name holds the Chinese meaning of seagull, symbolising a determination to pursue where others dare not, and its aspirations to soar far and high. Yet 40 years later, Hai-O Enterprise Bhd finds itself stuck in a trough.

Hai-O goes ‘downstream’
Oct 14, 2015
Source : The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Facing escalating costs and slower domestic consumer demand, Hai-O Enterprise Bhd seeks to grow its business in cooperation with partners in China via new investments, according to managing director Tan Kai Hee.
40th Annual General Meeting
Oct 13, 2015
The Company received questions from the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group (MSWG) on 7 October 2015. Please click on the links below for the questions & our reply to MSWG.
Company calls off Bangkok trip for distributors
Aug 21, 2015
Source : The Star
KLANG: Over 800 distributors of Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing (SHOM) had to cancel their leisure trip to Bangkok following the recent explosion at the Erawan Shrine there.
Hai-O’s defensive qualities shine
Aug 08, 2015
Source : The Star
In an environment where the ringgit has depreciated by some 19% over the past one year, wellness and multi-level marketing (MLM) company Hai-O Enterprise Bhd is beginning to be attractive due to its defensive qualities.
Toast to 40 years of achievements
May 16, 2015
Source : The Star
MORE than 1,000 shareholders, employees, stockists and guests gathered in Petaling Jaya to toast the success of Hai-O Enterprise.