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Imperial medicine shared by millions of ordinary people nowadays.

Peking Tongretuang has been a world-renowned Chinese herbal store established in 1669. It was appointed as Imperial dispensary since 1723 enjoying royal patronage during the reign of eight emperors.

Products of Peking Tonmentang have been well-known for their unique prescriptions superb raw materials, exquisite manufacturing techniques and remarkable curative effects of its medicine.

All production linen have reached GMP standard, all herbal drug stores have obtained GSP standard and all herbal plantation bases have achieved GAP standard. The name of Peking Tongrentang has been increasingly enhanced with the application of modern technology.

Peking Tongrentang has opened branches in England, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia. South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


Peking Tongrentang (M) Sdn Bhd

Peking Tongrentang (M) Sdn Bhd is a joint venture company between Hai-O and Beijing Tongrentang Co Ltd in 2002.

Peking Tongrentang (M) Sdn Bhd initially opened a retail and a combination of service centre in the Sun Complex in Kuala Lumpur. The success of this operation has prompted the opening of another Tongrentang outlet in Penang. Both of these outlets provide "integrated clinical services", medical consultations by qualified traditional physicians and the dispensing of prescribed herbs and drugs are available in one location.

The physicians of Tongrentang are highly trained and professional in their approach. This is a legacy of the standards set by the Tongrentang physicians who served the imperial court during the Qing Dynasty. The two Tongrentang service outlets in Malaysia are fortunate enough to be staffed by physicians from China.

Tongrentang is also famous for manufacturing the finest traditional Chinese pharmaceutical products by using raw materials which are well known for their effectiveness. Examples of famous Tongrentang products include the Angong Niuhuang Wan (Heart-Refreshing Bezoar Pill) and the Wuji Baifeng Wan (Black-Bone Chicken Pill), which have found a ready market both in China and abroad. The name "Tongrentang" is synonymous with fine quality in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Tongrentang Panel of Chinese Physician
Liu Huizheng (F)  
Chief Physician, graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medical in 1965. Studied in the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in 1979 as graduate student, received masters degree in medicine. Possesses over 40 years of clinical work in medicine highly experienced, she is now the Chief Physidan of the outpatient depanment of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences An expert in recuperative medical treatment of tumor, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease,hepatorenal syndrome, obesity, kidney diseasy, a variety of pain illnesses, irregular menstruation, infertility, skin, pediatric, geriatrics and other common occuring diseases. She has successively visited South Korea. Malaysia. Burnei and Thailand for more than ten times.  
Lu Shixian (M)  
Chief Physician. professor. Graduated from Capital Medical University, China. Studied under the tutelage of famous Chinese physicians, Professor Guan Yea-bo and Professor Yao Wu-da. Held positions, lectured and conducted medical researches in China Academy of Chinese Medicine and China Academy Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine Engaged in clinical practive for 40 years. Specializes in internal medicine gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology. Expert at treating cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, obesity, diabetes, liver, kidney diseases, etc.  
Wang Qingfu (M)  
Chief Physician, graduated with a degree in medicine from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1966. Currently a professor of the China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences. Possesses over 40 years of Chinese medicine clinical work, a wealth of clinical experience, specializes in treatment of coronary heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, anhritis, gastrointestinaldiseases, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, etc.). An expert in treating kidney disease, andriatrics: brings out the best potential of Chinese medicine, improve kidney function with high curative effect. Produces satisfactory results in the use of acupuncture, massage therapy reat facial paralysis, storke sequel, and waist, leg pains, etc..
He has participated in the compilation of "National Teaching Materials For Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine"; edited and moderated a variety of clinical TCM books.
Liu Jing-Aian (F)  
Graduated from China's Capital University of Medicine's Faculty of Chinese Medicine, associate professor, deputy director physician of Chinese medicine, senior public nutritionists and Chinese medicine expert in spleen and stomach diseases. She has accumulated a wealth of professional experience in her 30 years of clinical practice. Currently employed as the deputy director of the research department of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Slubbom Diseases Reseach Center, professor and director of the specialist clinic department of the Beijing University of Advanced Studies in Chinese Medicine. She is the 3rd generation descendant of one of the four famous doctors, Shi Jinmo, she is the disciple of well-know expert in spleen and stomach diseases, Shoe Yan-chang, she is the disciple of Chen Yong, the successor of Beijing's well-know Hepatology expert, Guan You-bo. She previously
held adv isory positions in the specialist clinic department of the Beijing Cui Yue-Li Traditional Medicine Research Center, Tongrentang Hospital, the
specialist clinic department of the Tongzhuo District Hospital and Guo Yi Tang clinic of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Orthopedics and Traumatology Hospital.

She is a true original in the studies of Chinese medicine health care, Chinese medicine herbs and sub-health recuperation. Specializes in treating
women's menstruation, menopausal syndrome and other gynecological illnesses. She has unique nealment skills in handling children's fever, incoordination between the spleen and the stomach, and diarrhea.
Zhong Chidan (F)  
Is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in China, graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Possesses 30 years of TCM clinical experience, familiar in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases (eg. Exogenous fever, stomach diseases, bronchitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases). She is skilled in treating menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge syndrome, menopausal syndrome, interlility, prenatal and conditioning and other gynecological and pediatric diseases. She is also experienced in recuperative medical care for mental system disorders, depression and tumour petients with post-operative radiotheraphy and chemotherapy, the clinical effects are outstanding.  
Our company provides services that are convenient to our valued clients including a made-in-Korea computer-controlled herbal simmenng machine that only take one plus hour to completely simmer a course of herbal prescribtion in a fast, convenient and hygienic way.
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